Vampire Slayers Launch Project

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Vampire Slayers

Vampire Slayers is a working group of faculty, staff, and community members working closely with students and other organizations in the social justice movement. They are based at San Francisco State University with a group at City College of San Francisco. Vampire Slayers focuses on contributing in-depth information, research and analysis, creative public education, and opportunities for dialog, motivated by a positive vision of public education as the foundation of an authentic democracy.

A vampire is loose in the state of California, sucking the lifeblood out of public education, public health, and social services. This vampire has three fangs:

  1. lost revenue due to tax cuts that privilege corporations and the wealthiest individuals in society,
  2. misallocation of revenues to expand prisons, and
  3. the allocation of state revenue to support United States military policies.

Vampire Slayers want to build a stronger movement in public education—on campuses in San Francisco and statewide—as part of the broader movement for human rights and social justice. They oppose budget cuts, seek tax justice; demand education not incarceration, equal access to relevant quality education for all communities, justice for immigrants; support for student access and the preservation of ethnic studies, including all liberal arts education.